Sunday, April 6, 2008

Race Number One Update

Wow!! Today couldn't have been better. We got up at 6:00am and had to be at the track by 8:15. It was cold and rainy. The car was unloaded and we waited...and waited..and waited..well finally Michael got to qualify. Out of 29 cars Michael qualified 20th.

All of a sudden it starts to rain. Wendell Scott Jr was suppose to be at the track around noon, but he got there just as it started to rain. We played in the rain a little. Michael and some of the guys actually did the YMCA song on the pitwall!!! It was soo funny I will have pictures up soon!!

Well then we went to eat at Applebees with the team and Wendell Scott Jr. Wow, the stories we were told!! Wendell Scott has definitely paved the way for Michael to race. We made Wendell's day by him seeing Michael's new fire suit! It has "In loving memory of Wendell Scott 34" on it. He said he was as honored as he was when he got the award from the White House. What an honor for Michael for him to say that! Michael even got to talk to Wendell's momma. She sounds like a Dream!! We cant wait to meet her!!

Well its midnight and we have a race tomorrow because we got rained out tonight. I will have a race report up as soon as I can.

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