Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bobsled Win for United States and Zero Error!

After a tough effort to qualify the Jamaican Bobsled for the 2010 Olympics, Our friend, Derek Fitzgerald of Zero Error Racing (ZE) now reports: "Today was a great day for the ZE bobsled. we won our first event after 10 hard fought years with one of America's up and coming talents in bobsled Ethan Albrecht- Carrie won his first event in the NEW ZE 4 man sled. You cannot imagine how thrilled I am to be telling everyone this. Hey Brookes heres to your true american effort pal!! Being the OTHER manufacturer in America....not Latvia to pull off this type of feat feels wonderful. Thanks to all that encouraged me and the guys at the shop. Without the guys at the shop this company would not be this successful."

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