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Revolution Racing | Michael Cherry | K&N Pro Series | Lap By Lap: American Fence Association 150

Fast Michael Cherry
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Michael ran with the leaders all night including Michael Waltrip Racing (MWR) and Red Bull. This was Michael's first K&N Series Start. Twitpic Images are Here.

Pit Notes Courtesy of Nascar Home Tracks: "YELLOW-CHECKERED: Dillon had taken the white flag prior to the final caution and will earn his first career NASCAR K&N Pro Series East victory in the American Fence Association 150 presented by Mayfield Ice Creamier at Gresham Motorsports Park. Cole Whitt finishes as the runner-up, followed by Ryan Gifford, Matt Kobyluck, Michael Cherry, Sergio Pena, Ryan Truex, Jason Patison, Brandon Haley and D.J. Shaw in the top 10. RESULTS

LAP 150 -- CAUTION 12: Swindell goes around in Turn 2.

LAP 149 -- GREEN FLAG: Dillon leads Whitt at the line.

LAP 148 -- UNDER CAUTION -- One to go for leaders Dillon, Whitt, Gifford, Cherry and Kobyluck.

LAP 146 -- CAUTION 11 -- Swindell brings out caution. Swindell's car smoking, Gresham showing right front damage in sixth place.

LAP 144 -- GREEN FLAG -- Dillon jumps away to lead on the start; Truex and Swindell together in Turn 4. Swindell stopped.

LAP 143 -- UNDER CAUTION -- One to go. Top-5: Dillon, Whitt, Gifford, Swindell and Truex.

LAP 138 -- CAUTION 10 -- Caisse stopped in Turn 2.

LAP 137 -- Dillon takes the lead.

LAP 137 -- GREEN FLAG -- Swindell wiggles as Truex keeps lead. Swindell and Truex together off Turn 2, Truex into wall but keeps going. Wallace around in Turn 4. No yellow.

LAP 136 -- UNDER CAUTION -- One to go.

LAP 135 -- UNDER CAUTION -- Cars are rolling.

LAP 134 -- RED FLAG -- Top-15: Truex, Swindell, Dillon, Gifford, Whitt/Gresham, Wallace, Cherry, Kobyluck, Pena/Caisse, Haley, Patison, Laing, MacDonald.

LAP 134 -- RED FLAG -- Cars are stopped in Turn 3 for the fourth time tonight. Moffitt heading off on the hook.

LAP 134 -- UNDER CAUTION -- Truex, Swindell, Dillon, Gifford, Whitt the Top-5.

LAP 132 -- CAUTION 9 -- MacDonald spins in Turn 4, Moffitt can't avoid hard hit.

LAP 130 -- GREEN FLAG -- Truex grabs lead into Turn 1. NEW LEADER.

LAP 127 -- UNDER CAUTION -- After a seven-minute delay, cars are rolling again.

LAP 126 -- RED FLAG -- Debris and fluid on frontstretch in wake of accident.

LAP 126 -- CAUTION 8 -- CAUTION out immediately on restart. Paludo, Anton, Salemi in vicious chain-reaction pileup on frontstretch

LAP 123 -- UNDER CAUTION -- One to go given to the field.

LAP 122 -- UNDER CAUTION -- Swindell, Truex, Gifford, Dillon, MacDonald the Top-5 in the closing stages.

LAP 121 -- CAUTION 7 -- Shaw stopped in Turn 4.

LAP 120 -- GREEN FLAG -- Swindell gets great restart again, powers to lead off Turn 2 with Truex following into second.

LAP 101 -- RED FLAG -- After 20 minutes, engines have fired (for a second time) and we resume running under caution.

LAP 101 -- RED FLAG --

Just hit the 15-minute mark for this second red flag. Estimates are at approximately another five minutes before racing resumes.

LAP 101 -- RED FLAG -- Cars have been stopped in Turns 3 and 4 again. Track cleanup vehicles back to work in Turn 2.

LAP 100 -- UNDER CAUTION -- Cars still rolling slowly under caution.

LAP 96 -- UNDER CAUTION -- D.J. Shaw loses a lap on pit road.

LAP 94 -- UNDER CAUTION -- Drivers have been instructed to crossover to aid with drying/cleaning process.

LAP 91 -- UNDER RED -- After 18 minutes, engines have re-fired. Planning on a few caution laps to help work in a fair amount of speedy dry.

LAP 91 -- UNDER RED -- Still waiting out the cleanup over in Turn 2. Good news: It's gone from looking "soaked" to "damp."

LAP 91 -- UNDER RED -- Top-20: Swindell, Gifford, Truex, Dillon, Whitt/MacDonald, Wallace, Gresham, Cherry, Moffitt/Kobyluck, Pena, Haley, Anton, Paludo/Gase, Shaw, Caisse, Patison, Laing. All 20 are on the lead lap. John Salemi is next -- the last car running -- and one lap down in 21st.

LAP 91 -- RED FLAG -- Field comes to halt in Turns 3 and 4. The entire exit of Turn 2 is soaked by water -- from top of the track to the bottom.

LAP 90 -- CAUTION 6 -- Julan Albarracin hits wall off Turn 2. LOTS of fluid on the track. Will bring out the red flag for cleanup.

LAP 86 -- Dillon, Truex work past MacDonald for third and fourth.

LAP 84 -- Leaders lead over third place now more than two and a half seconds. In layman's terms, that's a full straightaway on this half-mile track.

LAP 82 -- Great battle between MacDonald, Dillon and Truex for third. MacDonald in front of a side by side Dillon and Truex.

LAP 79 -- Swindell, Gifford slipping away from MacDonald in third. They're more than a second and a half ahead.

LAP 75 -- Halfway home. Swindell, Gifford, MacDonald, Dillon, Truex; Whitt, Gresham, Cherry, Wallace, Kobyluck; Moffitt, Pena, Haley, Anton, Paludo the Top-15 on the track. 22 of 25 starters still on lead lap.

LAP 73 -- Swindell with two car-length lead over Gifford. Another two car-lengths back to MacDonald. Dillon, Truex complete Top-5.

LAP 70 -- GREEN FLAG -- Gifford gets the jump from the inside, but Swindell pulls even into Turn 1. Still side by side through Turn 4 before Swindell takes half car-length lead. MacDonald moves to third.

LAP 68 -- UNDER CAUTION -- One to go to field. Swindell, Gifford, Dillon, MacDonald, Cherry at the front.

LAP 66 -- UNDER CAUTION -- Kevin Swindell has led every lap thus far, more laps than he's led previously this year combined.

LAP 64 -- UNDER CAUTION -- Outside lane seems to be place to be on restarts. Gifford, MacDonald, Moffitt among those who have benefited from that position; Truex, Wallace, Whitt among those who haven't benefited from being on the inside.

LAP 63 -- CAUTION 5 -- Ruben Rovelo hits wall in Turn 4.

LAP 62 -- Kennedy behind the wall; Moffitt made an approved tire change.

LAP 60 -- Changes in the Top-5. Swindell leads Gifford, Dillon, MacDonald and Cherry.

LAP 59 -- GREEN FLAG -- Dillon restarts inside of Swindell. Big jump for Swindell off of Turn 4. Gifford follows into second place.

LAP 57 -- UNDER CAUTION -- Patison in. Moffitt in again. Kennedy penalized for pitting too soon. Top-10: Swindell, Dillon, Cherry, Gifford, Truex, MacDonald, Whitt, Gresham, Wallace, Pena.

LAP 55 -- UNDER CAUTION -- Kennedy to pit road. Moffitt gives up sixth place to pit. Caisse in for third stop of the night.

LAP 53 -- CAUTION 4 -- Ben Kennedy turned around into wall in Turn 1.

LAP 51 -- Ty Dillon outside of Cherry to second place. MacDonald moves up to sixth following restart.

LAP 50 -- GREEN FLAG -- Cherry able to keep pace. Drag race back to start-finish line, won by Swindell.

LAP 48 -- UNDER CAUTION -- Field given one-to-go.

LAP 46 -- UNDER CAUTION -- Germain behind the wall. No free pass on this caution. Top-10: Swindell, Cherry, Gifford, Dillon, Truex, Moffitt, Wallace, MacDonald, Whitt, Gresham. Both Joe Gibbs Racing cars in the Top-10 after qualifying in the second half of the field.

LAP 45 -- CAUTION 3 -- Zach Germain tops after contact with Turn 2 wall.

LAP 42 -- Truex tries to take back fourth spot; Moffitt up to sixth after starting 14th.

LAP 40 -- Truex drops another spot as Ty Dillon passes him for fourth.

LAP 39 -- GREEN FLAG -- Swindell chooses outside lane again. Once again, no contest as he pulls away. Gifford takes third from Truex on the outside.

LAP 37 -- UNDER CAUTION -- One to go signal given to field. Caisse, Kennedy, Anton, Germain among those that made stops under this caution.

LAP 35 -- UNDER CAUTION -- John Salemi gets the free pass under this caution. Top-10: Swindell, Cherry, Truex, Gifford, Wallace, Dillon, Pena, Moffitt, Whitt, MacDonald. Interesting note: All 4 Revolution Racing drivers in the Top-7 in the running order.

LAP 34 -- CAUTION 2 -- Zach Germain into inside backstretch wall.

LAP 32 -- Truex was even off of Turn 4 with Cherry for second, but ultimately forced to fall back in line off Turn 2.

LAP 29 -- Swindell with a lead of .7 seconds over Cherry. Field starting to settle into a rhythm out there.

LAP 23 -- Swindell now opens up a two car-length lead over Cherry as Truex starts to make move for second spot.

LAP 20 -- Cherry getting antsy again in second, now peeks under Swindell off Turn 2.

LAP 18 -- Entire field now sorts out to single file. Best race is for seventh -- where Moffitt still pressures Pena.

LAP 14 -- Cherry looks under Swindell in Turns 3 and 4, but can't make it work. Settles back into second, just ahead of Truex. Gifford, Wallace round out Top-5 as they start to pull away from Dillon in sixth.

LAP 12 -- Pena, Moffitt and Whitt try 3-wide briefly off Turn 2 in battle for 7th position before sorting out.

LAP 10 -- GREEN FLAG -- Swindell chooses outside on restart; Again gets good jump to lead field into Turn 1.

LAP 8 -- UNDER CAUTION -- Swindell, Cherry, Truex, Gifford, Wallace, Pena, Whitt, Dillon, MacDonald and Moffitt the Top-10. One-to-go signal given.

LAP 6 -- CAUTION 1 -- Zach Germain around in Turn 2. Single-car incident.

LAP 4 -- Swindell, Cherry, Truex start to break away at front.

LAP 2 -- Michael Cherry hounding Swindell for early lead in his series debut.

9:04 p.m. -- GREEN FLAG -- Lesa France Kennedy waves the green flag. Swindell takes off with lead in Turn 1.

9:03 p.m. -- Polesitter Kevin Swindell has chosen to start the race on the outside of the front row.

9 p.m. -- The engines have been fired.

8:45 p.m. -- Once the pace laps begin, the cars of Matt Kobyluck (back-up car), Sean Caisse, Julian Albarracin and Ruben Rovelo (all for unapproved impound adjustments) will fall to the rear.

8:40 p.m. -- The three local divisions are complete. The K&N Pro Series cars have rolled off and have begun to grid for out-of-car driver introductions.

7:50 p.m. -- One local race down, two to go, until K&N Pro Series East grids.

7:23 p.m. -- The K&N Pro Series East on-track autograph session and race night opening ceremonies are complete. The Mini-Stocks are now on the track as racing is underway.

4:44 p.m. -- The third of three groups has just completed its six-lap tire scuff session following qualifying.

4:28 p.m. -- Kevin Swindell, who earned his first career Coors Light Pole Award last time out at Lee USA Speedway, has made it two-in-a-row as he captures the pole for tonight's American Fence Association 150 presented by Mayfield Ice Creamier. Ryan Truex will start on the outside pole. Darrell Wallace Jr., Michael Cherry, Sergio Pena, Ryan Gifford, Ty Dillon, Cole Whitt, Eddie MacDonald and Zach Germain round out the top 10 qualifiers. QUALIFYING

4:23 p.m. -- Swindell's lap still holds up with five cars left to take time.

4:12 p.m. -- Ryan Gifford, the 11th car out, took the provisional pole from Dillon, only to be passed by the next car, Kevin Swindell. Swindell's lap was 17.152 seconds (104.994 mph).

4:11 p.m. -- Dillon's time stands after 10 qualifiers.

4:06 p.m. -- Ty Dillon is the fastest of the five cars that have taken time so far.

4 p.m. -- Qualifying is underway as Ruben Rovelo is the first car out.

2:35 p.m. -- Guy Pavageau, who did not practice in either session, has withdrawn.

2 p.m. -- Final practice is complete. Ryan Truex topped the chart at 17.292 seconds (104.094 mph) followed by Cole Whitt (17.301/104.040) and Sergio Pena (17.365/103.657). Ty Dillon, Ryan Gifford, Zach Germain, Kevin Swindell, Joey Gase, Darrell Wallace Jr. and Matt Kobyluck rounded out the top 10. PRACTICE

1:50 p.m. -- Practice has resumed with 10 minutes remaining.

1:45 p.m. -- Red flag still out for clean-up. Truex has upped his fastest lap to 17.292 (104.094). Swindell and then recently-wrecked Kobyluck are second and third on the speed chart.

1:37 p.m. -- Caution for Matt Kobyluck, who apparently cut the right front tire and is into the wall out of Turn 3. Significant damage to the race car.

1:20 p.m. -- Ryan Truex is the fastest through 10 minutes of Happy Hour at 17.600 (102.273). Kevin Swindell is second and Matt Kobyluck third.

1:10 p.m. -- Final practice is underway.

12:02 p.m. -- First practice is complete. Cole Whitt (17.395 seconds/103.478 mph) was the fastest of the 24 cars that practiced. In advance of his K&N Pro Series East debut, Michael Cherry (17.414/103.365) was second fastest followed by Ryan Truex (17.532/102.669). Brett Moffitt, Ty Dillon, Miguel Paludo, Darrell Wallace Jr., Eddie MacDonald, Tyler Laing and Kevin Swindell rounded out the top 10. PRACTICE

11:52 a.m. -- Whitt is the first driver to surpass the 103 mph mark.

11:45 a.m. -- Fifteen minutes remaining in first practice and Truex is still on top followed by Whitt, Dillon, Brett Moffitt and Darrell Wallace Jr.

11:30 a.m. -- Truex has regained his position as the fastest car so far with a lap of 17.532 (102.669), followed by Dillon and Whitt.

11:15 a.m. -- Cole Whitt is now atop the speed chart with a fast lap of 17.716 (101.603), followed by Ty Dillon and Truex.

11:05 a.m. -- Of the first group of 12 cars to go out, Ryan Truex was the fastest at 17.931 seconds (100.385) on the half-mile oval. Among the NKNPS East teams that tested here in advance of the race, Truex owns the record for the fastest lap.

11 a.m. -- First practice is underway.

10 a.m. -- There are 26 cars on the ground for the American Fence Association 150 presented by Mayfield Ice Creamier. From the pre-entry list, Ryan Duff and Ali Kern have withdrawn. UPDATED ENTRY LIST

8:30 a.m. -- Race preparations are in full force in the garage. Click HERE for images from the track throughout the day.

7:30 a.m. -- The NASCAR K&N Pro Series East garage is open."

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