Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Changing Lanes | Recap Season 1 Episode 1

Changing Lanes Recap
Season 1 Episode 1
First Showing September 1, 2010. Max Siegel discusses the journey from Music, to DEI, to Revolution Racing. Ryan Gifford and Darrell Wallace Jr.  discuss their journey. John Story discusses the costs of running at the top levels. The drivers discuss how expensive it is to run on their own. Commercial Break.

Legend Car testing session at Concord. Max tells the drivers that most of the drivers are not going to make it. John Story tells the drivers he wants the test vehicles to be is good shape after the test. Jonathan Smith and his Dad discuss how they raced Legend Cars. Darrell Wallace, Jr. says he wants to be the first African American to win the Sprint Cup. Darrell wins Heat 1 by half a lap. Heat 2 includes Sergio Pena. He wins the heat.  Dylan Smith wins the heat. Commercial Break.

John Story discusses danger inherent in racing. Dylan Smith had a close call and discusses the crash. Phil Horton talks about the effort required to repair the cars. Two cars wrecked and repaired. The drivers go to a Nascar race. Jason Romero thought the trip was amazing. The drivers meet Jimmie Johnson and Coach Joe Gibbs. Commercial Break.

The parents discuss what it could mean to make to the pro ranks. More Legend Car testing at Concord. Jason Romero tries to impress. MacKena Bell talks about her hard work in racing every weekend. More crashes Jason and Natalie Sather crash, Jason is blamed for the wreck. Commercial Break.

Final heat in the Legend Cars. Sergio Pena beats Paulie Harraka. Sergio wins the Legend Car test. No one is cut and the next stop is a stock car in Virginia. Tune in next week on Wednesday September 8, 2010 at 8:00 PM for Episode 2.

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